Mobility & Affordability

At Western Web-Counselling I understand how frustrating it can be for clients if they go on a trip, end up needing help or advice, and have no access to the counselor they trust. Or you spend time finding the right counselor for you, invest your time working and getting to know them, and now you have to move to another town, city, or province, and will have to go through the whole process over again. 

What if you had access to your own counselor while on a trip, or, in most cases, could take the counselor that you know and trust with you when you move?

At Western Web-Counselling I understand that life can be expensive. Counselling, like any medical treatment, can be expensive too. Individual sessions can often be $200.00 or more, per session.

One of the reasons that I do Web-counselling is to cut back on expenses so I can pass savings on to you, while providing the advantages of accessibility, convenience, mobility, and affordability. 

I can do that.

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