Accessibility & Convenience

At Western Web-Counselling I understand how difficult it can be for clients to get the help they need, when they need it. Issues like, living in a remote area or small community with no access to counselling services, having to deal with a disability that makes it difficult for you to be mobile, feeling uncomfortable …

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Mobility & Affordability

At Western Web-Counselling I understand how frustrating it can be for clients if they go on a trip, end up needing help or advice, and have no access to the counselor they trust. Or you spend time finding the right counselor for you, invest your time working and getting to know them, and now you have to move to …

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Ellis is the founder of Western Web-Counselling, and a Registered Professional Counselor-Candidate RPC-C. He has twenty years of counselling experience, and brings his desire to help people navigate the various issues of life, to his counselling practice.

While he is equipped to help with many mental health issues, …

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